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“Recent movie directed by a famous local producer. Interesting movie that encapsulates the every day life of Singaporeans and the common problems faced in their families.”

Good movie to watch! Quite a good reflection of what Singaporean families are facing now. So when you think you have huge, unsolvable problems in your family, watch this movie and realise that people out there (we’re not even talking about Africa or third world counties) are going through much worst.

So how then, am I going to handle the current problems I am facing?
I plan to focus. GET.THINGS.DONE.

Not let external circumstances influence the things that you are planning to do. PERIOD.

Hoho… But then again, it’s easier said than done. Well, let’s see how it goes from today.


Anyway, do feel free to leave comments on your take, do you really think your problems are greater than others? Or do you feel blessed that it is not as bad as the people around you? How are you able to continue doing what you are doing despite external problems you face daily? It’ll be quite an interesting discussion.

Ok, another topic. This year’s new year like got no “qi fen” hor? First telltale sign that WE ARE GETTING OLD. HAHA



Alrightie, quick post before I head to bed. Did not blog yesterday because I came home real late and some things (out of the norm) happened so… WHERE GOT TIME TO BLOG A POST YA! Ok, I know I’m lame but it just came to my head.

So, let’s start with AOP day 4 and day 5 shall we, 2 words: ZUOBO (direct translation from hokkien to english; do nothing). So there is nothing much to blog about, except finding the best position to sleep in the classroom and how to siam the lecturer from catching you sleep. HAHA

Anyway, the focus of the past 2 days were the times I hung out with my Iceland friends (just found out that Icelandic is what they call their language). They asked me lots of questions about Singapore and have said many good things about Singapore that I have never even took into consideration before, for example, they were amazed that everywhere they went, Singapore was litter-free.

As they have traveled to many parts of the world before, they were really quite impressed to see such a “phenomenon” like this.

Some other questions they asked me about Singapore were also like “how does your country make money? Since they do not have any natural resources” or “how does your government turn such a small place into a city state in such a short span of time” really left me dumbfounded for a while (in singlish or DOTA terms is like kena stun) before i could answer them. This really led me to think; how much do I really know about my homeland, Singapore? Do I even appreciate the very place where I am staying in? Or does my life just revolve around complaining, whining and blaming the government for the slightest fault we can find?

It’s really something interesting to think about because other countries do have a distinct culture and specific practices that can be rattled off hand by their locals. But how about Singapore? What is our so called ‘specialty”? What are we known for? Who are we as a nation? What is our culture and heritage?

Have we thought of such questions? Or are we just too caught up in what we are doing? It might be a bit hard to have a distinct culture as we have a rojak of races and religions living in Singapore. But how are we going to find that unique taste that defines who Singapore really is and what Singaporeans really are. Singlish? haha..

I feel that these are important questions to ask ourselves because when we know where we came from, we will know who we can be as a person and exactly what we want to be in the future.

Wow, I am suddenly talking about such deep stuffs. I am totally becoming a…. ok nevermind, i cannot fill in the blanks, guess my mind’s getting tired.

What is your take? Feel free to drop me a comment (Singaporeans / PR’s / Non-Singaporeans are welcomed to participate, haha!)

Ok, getting lamer…. and…. lamer.

Anyway, I really do want to travel and see the world for what is really is. In my opinion, as Singaporeans, our lives are too sheltered and we think that it is a norn but in actual fact, it is not! Gaining new perspective about life through traveling and experiencing different cultures around the world will give us a better appreciation of where we stand as a nation now and who we really are as individuals residing in Singapore.

Ok, I will end here. Suddenly feel so patriotic, NS must be getting to me. This shows that their “brain-washing” programmes really quite effective ah? HAHA

Ohwells, like they say, 2 years of NS is really A LOT of time so I am just fully utilizing this time to think about things and probably just pen down these thoughts so as to have a reference that I have thought about such things before. (Yes, thank our Iceland guests who came over to visit.. I had to be Singapore’s brand ambassador for a few days.. hahahaha..)

Ok, the last paragraph is NOT TO BE READ. LOL

I’m done, good night my fellow readers! *talks to self…*
HAHA, I think the only reader of my blog now is myself, talk until like I got 1millions readers daily like that. HAHAHAHA



Host: “Today, we present to you…. The new batch of vehicle specialists, fresh out from BMT! They will be the ones to rake up sand, help you even out your ground and make sure that your runways is safe for take off. GIVE THEM A ROUND OF APPLAUSE!”

*One Clap*

Yes, that will be the crux of what I will be doing till I ORD, well, at least from what I know now. Is it good or bad? I would say…. it depends if you see the glass as half empty of half full.

But my current train of thoughts is towards “counting your blessings” and “I’m the rare few who got into air force, compared to my peers” so yep, it’s good (so far).

Like what our Senior Warrant Officer told us today, “in every crisis there are opportunities (from the context of the chinese words 危机)’, I guess it’ll be better to live our lives constantly seeing the glass as half full, don’t you think?

My dad always like to tell me this, “happy also pass one day, moody also pass one day, why not choose to be happy?”

HAHA, easier said than done dad!

Alright, going to bed now, it’s currently 1am now. Looking forward to hang out with my Icelandic friends tomorrow, Friday and on Saturday when I’ll be sending them off :(


Anyway, congrats to me, this is my 150th post! HAHA (according to some wordpress crap, because on my dashboard it says that I have 160 existing posts).

Ok, I’m getting carried away, GOOD NIGHT ALL.

Disclaimer: Not sure if it’s values or vision. HAHA

Anw, I’m back again!

Second day running, I’m still observing how long I really will last.. Haha!

Day 2 at AFTC:

Today was a day of workshop to inculcate the values and the heart of the RSAF. I felt that it was a good attempt to convince all of us, especially the NSF’s who are very unmotivated to serve. The approach they used were more interactive and engaging, with stories being shared from first generation soldiers to frequent small group discussions (to get us out of our comfortable seats and snap out of the ZzZz or what they call as “airbourne” mode, haha..) on deep questions to set us thinking.

Although it was a LONG and TIRING and SLEEPY workshop, if you were to ask me what was ONE thing that I’ve taken away today and I will tell you that it’s the word DISCIPLINE.

I’m not sure if it was due to Monday’s massive bombardment of the key factor discipline that subconsciously got to me or if it was really something that I wanted from the start.

After serving 2 years of NS as an NSF, though ranks and promotions are important, if I am able to learn the skill of being disciplined (yeah, I consider it as a SKILL, hahahaha..) I feel that I have taken away something invaluable that will follow me for the rest of my life and will be a key factor of success in my future endeavors. I saw this quote during the last slide of the presentation today and it goes something like this, “Discipline sets apart goals from accomplishments” and that is what I want to achieve; turning my goals into accomplishments.

I’ve got a picture of today’s workshop but the pic is not out yet, so too bad!

Yep, this post sounds kinda on a serious note but what to do? My mind has switched from nonsense mode to serious mode when it comes to this kinda things ;)

Next part of my day after booking out today was that I went to meet up with Raúl, Chang Long and friends in town. Their first time in Singapore and Raúl finally made it here. It was like forever since he last said he wanted to make a trip down to Singapore. Fyi, they are friends I made a few years back and they stay in Iceland! Isn’t that cool or what.

Sure wish I could go to Iceland one day (and probably I will) but for now, I guess I have more pressing issues to focus on, like how am I going to get up in 3.5 hrs time to book in later -.- haizz


Heyall! If you happen to come across this post, I have no idea how you did so, either you are my no. 1 stalker or probably I’ve just posted on twitter/facebook that I have updated my my blog (or attempted to update it) so that is how you are currently reading this nonsense now.

I’ve been told that it’ll be good to “dairy up my life” so as to keep track of what I have been doing, going through and what I have learned through the process. Well, my life now will mostly consist of army stuff (RSAF & AIRFORCE ftwww~) so my typical posts will be the 20 year old, boy next door view of army life, some complains and rants and I guess the rest will be just nonsense that my fingers will type immediately once a sentence is formed in my head.


My plan is to do this daily, I’m really quite curious to find out about myself, if I really WILL have this discipline to do so.

Speaking of DISCIPLINE, today was the first day for me in my new posting after my BMT (yeah, it was kind of a waste that I did not journal and keep track of my BMT phase, felt that there were really lots of good times, bad times and great memories then.. OHWELL), Air Force Training Command [AFTC]!

Only 240 people for this batch and almost a third of them were regulars -,- so yes, I KNOW I AM THE LUCKBOX. 8-5 posting, NO FBO/FIELDCAMP/RIFLE CLEANING/BEING YELLED AT/TEKANED and the list goes on. Worst punishment we can get = book out at 1800hrs, HAHA

The highlight for Day 1 at AFTC was the torturing 3-4hr lecture on “Discipline” & the “Deterrent Effect”. Those who were there will get what I mean by TORTURING. The person speaking has superloads of never-ending stories and every story/example, he will link it back to his crucial theme, DISCIPLINE & the DETERRENT EFFECT. Okok, I GET IT.

Ok, I think that’s all, if I go in any more detail probably I will be charged, haha..

Alright, needa sleep now.

P.S: These posts are STRICTLY for the purpose of journaling, no intention of revealing anything confidentional/classified whatsoever. Do feel free to contact me if I do. kthxbye.



HAHA this post was saved as a draft and it was NEVER updated. WILL UPDATE YOU GUYS ABOUT MY LIFE IN THE NEXT POST (coming in 3…2..1..). KTHXBYE.

Journey of a Freelancer

July 18, 2011

Journey of a Freelancer
(Typed on 01/06/2011 and Edited on 18/07/2011)

Hey guys! First of all, I would like to welcome you back to reading my blog! I know it’s been a LONG LONG time since I’ve blogged and there are two reasons which compelled me to blog again. The first reason is to update you guys on my life and what I have been up to recently (before I enter the army) and the second reason is to keep track of what I have been doing with my life, monitor my progress and eventually, make sure that I have obtained (at least) some achievements, moved one step closer to success and contributed back to society (this is the exaggerated part). The second reason is well.. err, I can’t think of any but I guess it is because I want to start blogging again? Welcome myself back to blogging. *YAY*

Yah yah, I know I’m lame but it’s true ok! Did you know how much effort/mental push/internal convincing I had to do before I started typing this entry? FYI, this entry is not even typed on my blog post, I am currently typing it on Microsoft Word and planning to CTRL C – CTRL V it onto my blog and publish it. Yeah, I think you get the picture.

Anyway, enough of the ranting; something that I am great at doing whenever I blog and publish a post. Let’s get back to business. To give you an overview of what to expect from my future entries, the title of this post says it all – The Journey of a Freelancer.
As some of you might have known, I have left my office job about two weeks ago as I can NEVER stand a 9-6 Mon-Fri kinda job and can NEVER imagine myself doing something like that for the rest of my life.

I decided to do freelance sales for the company that I was working for instead. Initially, I was glad that I made that decision but after going on the ground to do outdoor sales, I can literally feel that stress and pressure coming to me from all sides.

As I do not have any basic pay now, I only get paid for every deal closed. This gives me tremendous pressure because no close case = no $$$.

I know complaining/whining/ranting in this post or blogging about it won’t solve this problem but I feel that I want to have a reference of how I am feeling now so that in the future when I am able to overcome this obstacle, I will be able to identify what was the key factor that allowed be to pull through and reach a new level.

I believe that people who are in the same situation as me now are able to relate so I just want to say that DON’T WORRY, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Feel free to contact me or leave a message, I will be more than glad to catch up with you over coffee so we can talk about our pains & sorrows dreams & visions to keep each other going.

For my future posts, I will share with you guys what are the various factors that push me to do what I am doing; factors that compelled me to hop out of the rat race and turn into a street rat, the vision and mission I have for my life and my organisation and most of all, the source where I get all my motivation from.

If you are an individual who aspires to be a freelancer, this blog is just the right place for you. I intend to frequently publish book reviews on the books that I have read and break it down into bite size, content-friendly information that can be applied into our daily activities. Also, I plan to do some reflection and application on the information that I have picked up and share my own views and opinions aloud. Hope that this does not only help my readers but also to help myself in terms of internalisation and visibility of my own thoughts and feelings at that very point in time.

“WAH, a blog with so many words and no pictures, I don’t even know what you are talking about…”

Congrats if you even manage to survive reading this whole post and have the exact sentiments as the sentence above. If you are looking for entertainment, jokes or something to read just to pass your time, I don’t think this is the blog for you (sorry, I am a very upfront and blunt person) because in the future, these would be the things I will usually blog about (yup, probably when I’m in the army too) so, if this bores you, youtube and facebook were created for a reason. :D

That’s all I’ve got! Would like to end this post with something meaningful I came across on facebook today (facebook is not all that bad ok), it is something that I would love to work towards in my life.

Enjoy and catch y’all soon! :)